Photograph of a Werner truck at a loading dock

As a licensed NVOCC, freight forwarder and U.S. Customs Broker, Werner provides flexible ocean freight solutions for connectivity and visibility.

Ocean Capabilities

  • Dedicated customer service contacts
  • Origin vendor management and coordination
  • PO management
  • Shipping and financial document management
  • Customs clearance, consulting and support
  • AES, AMS/ISF filings
  • Provide milestone alerts and exception reporting
  • Provide online shipment visibility
  • Reporting and performance metrics

Werner is Approved and Licensed

  • Conducts carrier management, rating, insurance, document management and U.S. Customs clearance

Online Visibility

Shipment Visibility

Online search through your network

Screenshot of Werner's SMART tracking interface

Event notification via e-mail alerts

Screenshot of Werner's SMART email alert

Status reports, periodic downloads

Screenshot of Werner's SMART status report

Werner Global Logistics offers 24/7 shipment tendering and monitoring. For more information or to book your shipment, call 800.431.8218 or e-mail WGLair@werner.com.