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Blue Brigade

What We Do

What We Do

The Blue Brigade works with numerous organizations throughout the country each year. It's our mission to spread our assistance evenly, both by location and cause.

Committees at each terminal agree and decide upon each year's event schedule. Prior to participating, the committees research nonprofit organizations to ensure the group is a valid and trustworthy 501(c)3.

All volunteer events are first come, first serve, for members to sign up. Monetary donations are not part of the Blue Brigade — only a donation of the members' personal time is needed.

Each year, the Blue Brigade hopes to continue to grow the impact it has on communities and organizations in need. In 2014, the Omaha brigade set a goal to host 30 events, at a rate of about two to three each month. Both the U.S. terminals and Mexico offices each plan to host one event every quarter, for a total of four events.