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Per Diem Program

More $$ Every Week

  • Werner Enterprises' Per Diem Program puts extra money in the pockets of our professional drivers, income that can be put toward investments like 401(k) and IRA's.
  • Each week, this adds up to approximately $44 more for a typical single driver, and $32 more for a typical married driver.
  • Yearly, this equates to approximately $2,300 for a typical single driver, and $1,700 for a typical married driver.

Our Program is Unique

  • Werner remains neutral - the benefits go to the driver.
  • Our program is optional.
  • Werner does not receive any financial gain from its plan. Many competitors design plans to achieve a financial gain for their company, ranging from 0.5-2.5 cents per mile.
  • Werner designed its program in consultation with the IRS to ensure it follows all guidelines.
  • The opinion of one of the four largest accounting firms in the United States is that Werner's plan should qualify as an accountable plan. This is the highest level of opinion an accounting firm can provide.

Less Hassle

  • The proof of burden is on Werner.
  • No need to keep receipts.
  • No need to track time off.


  • If eligible, it's the driver's choice to participate in the Per Diem Program.
  • Werner offers an initial 30-day window to sign up. Drivers will see the increase on their next paycheck if they sign up within the 30-day window.
  • Enrollment is annual.

Mileage Based

  • The program is mileage based, so it's paid on the miles driven.
  • The per diem rate per mile is a much lower taxable rate. Werner pays 12 cents per mile for per diem, which is 12 cents that is non-taxable pay.
  • Lower taxable income.

Weekly Re-Cap

  • Drivers' weekly paycheck will show the amount of increased net pay gained weekly.
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